Multi-media Installation

Sun and 80 Consonants

A multimedia installation comprises a living mycelium panel, an Arduino device that monitors electronic currents generated from mycelium activities, temperature, and humidity of the compost, and converts the data into sound frequency. A speaker underneath the mandala plate plays the sound and generates a vibration that distorts the sand mandala. As part of the exhibition opening event, we harvested the mushrooms from the mycelium panel, introducing the growth/harvest cycle and the afterlife of the mycelium compost.

Traditionally, a sand mandala is created for ceremonial purposes in various Buddhist cultures. The mandala is destroyed by the monks shortly after its creation to symbolize the transient nature of existence. In this case, the growth of mycelium and its biological energy current is harvested to generate sound vibrations that eventually dismantle the mandala.

The work was developed during the residency at the Institute of Postnatural Studies and exhibited at the Access Gallery, Vancouver, BC.

Photo by Rachel Topham Photography

Photo by Reiko Inouye

Photo by Reiko Inouye

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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