Multi-media Installation


Terra embodies a living system assemblage, birthed from exploring earthworm reproductive cycles, fossil residues, and the science of sonic visualization — cymatic patterns. It acts as a bridge, synthesizing and transducing energies between the organic and inorganic constituents of soil.

The biodata harvested from earthworm compost is translated into sonic signals via an Arduino data/midi conversion device. These midi notes harmonize with field recordings from an urban plot, where coal residue was discovered, encapsulating a poetic interplay between past and present. Amplified and transduced to a copper plate, the sound vibrates the coal residue, manifesting in mesmerizing cymatic patterns.

The majority of the materials within this installation have been gathered from a re-zoned city plot along Broadway street, a site awaiting transformation with the planning of a new metro line. The rezoning process often renders such sites as urban voids, deserted and fenced, existing in a liminal state of neglect. I perceive them as urban dead zones, representing a subliminal temporospatial pause.

Viewers are invited to observe the transient expansion and contraction of cymatic patterns with each fluctuation in sonic frequency range, akin to a “breath.” Terra articulates its rhythm — it sings, vibrates, and transmits signals to our sensory realm through its fossils, metals, and biosphere. 

Di Sai 2023 ︎